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Our Structure

As a non-profit organization that we’ve been operating since 2010, SkullSpace is governed by a set of bylaws and policies designed to keep everything running smoothly. On this page you’ll find information on both our General By-Law and SkullSpace Policy.

Board of Directors

SkullSpace has a board of directors consisting of five members that are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in February. Currently, the board consists of the following members:

  1. Michael Kozakewich
  2. Edwin Amsler
  3. Mark Campbell
  4. Nathan Wild
  5. Amanda Thompson

Monthly meetings

We hold an official monthly meeting on the last Tuesday of each month to discuss business, events, finances, and anything else that members wish to talk about. In practice our membership operates as a collective, with members being as involved as much as they want to be in the decision making process. However, all members have the right to add their say during meetings!

Duties & responsibilities

SkullSpace relies on its members to volunteer to handle everything from finances to cleaning, and we embrace the “do-ocracy” style of management.

Do-ocracy: If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.Noisebridge

We often have regular members who handle re-stocking of food, coordination of events, social media, and everything in between. It’s up to you how much you want to get involved and help out!


Our official bylaws is the legal document that covers the operation of SkullSpace, and can be found at the link below:


To view information on prior bylaw amendments, check our Wiki category.


Our policies are written in a more general style in contrast to our bylaws. Click on the links below to quickly travel to the relevant section you’d like to read.

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In short…

  • Be safe
  • Be bold
  • Be excellent
  • Be a good neighbour


  • This space, first and foremost, belongs to you, the community, to do what you wish (within reason). Have fun, be bold, and make cool stuff happen!
  • SkullSpace should be a safe place for anyone at all to hang out and participate in, therefore negative behaviors such as sexism, homophobia, racism, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Members are encouraged to “be bold” when it comes to making changes to the space – the space, after all, belongs to everybody. The Operations Manager (or a delegate) should be made aware before major or potentially dangerous/disruptive changes are made to determine if they are appropriate and safe.


  • Members must be excellent to one another. This is in the bylaws.
  • If something you’re doing might bother others, please have the courtesy to not do it around them, or to save it for when you get home. And if you’re bothered by something, please speak up.
  • Applying for membership

    • Members should be familiar with the bylaws and member agreement.
    • Applicants must apply for membership at one of our weekly meetings (Tuesdays at 6:00 PM). If this is truly not possible due to scheduling conflicts, alternate arrangements can be made with the Board.
    • Applicants must sign the membership agreement, and deliver it to the Board.
    • Applicants must be 18 years of age or over. We are not accepting applications from minors at this time.
    • After any meeting in which an application has been received, the Board will announce the name of the applicant to announce@.
    • Once the application has been announced, there is a two week period during which members may object to the application.
      • Members must voice their objection to a Director.
      • That Director will conceal the identity of the objector from everyone, including the Board, but will record the objector, applicant, and reason in a list that will be passed on to a succeeding Director.
      • The Director will notify the Board of the objection and the reason given by the objector, but will not disclose the identity of the objector.
    • At the close of the two week period, if there are two or more objections from the membership, or the Board has rejected the application, the Board will give written notice of the rejection to the applicant.
      • If the application has been rejected due to objections from the membership, the written notice will not include the reasons for the objections or the identities of the objectors, but will note that the membership has rejected the application.
      • If the application has been rejected by the Board, the written notice will include the reasons for the objections and will note that the Board has rejected the application.
    • If the application has been accepted, the applicant will become a member once they have paid the first month’s dues, at which time they will be given a keyfob and are required to subscribe to announce@.

    Membership fee

    • Everybody pays membership fees. There are no exceptions.
    • Fees can be paid in cash, pre-authorized deposit, PayPal, or via a pre-authorized work agreement approved by the membership
    • All memberships are $40, but student memberships are available at a discounted rate on request. All members can optionally do a monthly donation along with their membership fees.
    • To qualify for student membership you must be a full time student at an accredited secondary or post-secondary institution that leads to a certificate, diploma, or degree. Student status may be given to part time students, students not seeking a degree and those taking multiple certification courses at the discretion of the board. The student discount is for students in financial need and is the main factor the board will take into consideration when conferring student status.

    Acceptable use policy

    • No hate, porn, racism, sexism, etc.
    • If you wouldn’t do it in front of your grandma, don’t do it here
    • Use your common sense and be respectful of others
    • Violation of any policy (such as not being safe, ignoring other members requests for you to stop an offensive behaviour etc.), should result in the following action(s):
      • 1. You should get an immediate warning directly from the member who witnessed &/or was offended by the action. (They should also inform the board of the warning, so a record is on file of the violation/offence.)
      • 2. A second warning/complaint may result in a written warning from the board (at their discretion).
      • 3. Future incidents may ultimately result in membership being revoked.


    • For safety reasons, only service animals (seeing eye dogs etc.) are allowed at SkullSpace. It is not a safe place for animals to wander, and we have a number of members who are allergic to them, so we ask that you leave your pets at home when you come to the space.
    • For this to be enforced consistently, all members must be prepared to request the removal of any non-service animals which are brought to SkullSpace.


    • Clean up after yourself!
    • Make sure you do some general cleaning (or arrange it with another member) after hosting an event at the space
    • Clutter and unclaimed objects may be placed on the Table of Doomed Objects to be disposed of on the third week of every month.

    Regular cleaning duties are to be performed by members on a volunteer basis. The cleaning duties required are:

    • Weekly
      • Garbage and recycling removal
      • Wash “found” dishes (members should still wash their own)
      • Wipe down and/or dust kitchen appliances
      • Throw out any old food in the fridge (using best judgement)
      • Vaccum high-traffic or particularly dirty areas as needed
      • Sweep particularly dirty areas as needed
    • Monthly
      • Clean the restrooms
      • Vacuum floors

    Dangerous/prohibited items

    • Don’t bring any dangerous or prohibited items to the space. This includes weapons, drugs, alcohol, and anything else that would make other members nervous to be around for safety reasons.
    • Anything is dangerous if used improperly — please take care in using or demonstrating items of interest, and advise other members (or directors) if you feel they are doing something dangerous.


    • SkullSpace does not have any employees. Everyone who does any work on behalf of SkullSpace does so purely on a volunteer basis.


    • Keyfobs are property of SkullSpace
    • Keyfobs may not be duplicated
    • Keyfobs must be returned upon request
    • Keyfobs must not be loaned to others
    • Warn a director immediately if your keyfob goes missing


    • Members should respect our neighbours in the building. Please keep your activities quiet after 10:00 PM.

    Open source & self-hosting

    • SkullSpace should use primarily free and open source software whenever possible.
    • SkullSpace should adhere to Community Economic Development principles whenever possible.
    • We should try and host our own services, as a learning experience and to offer the best privacy we can to our members.


    • We will not publish a list of our members. However, members should feel free to create & participate in opt-in lists.
    • We will not release the financial details of any of our members.
    • We will not release a list of the email addresses of our members.
    • It should be noted that a dedicated individual could derive information on their own based on mailing list posts, etc.



    • Guests may use the workshop space, other areas and equipment upon a member using common sense in determining the guest’s ability to safely do so. The member must be able to vouch for their ability to use the equipment and space(s).
    • Members and guests should be cautious of debris and other hazards while in the space. SkullSpace assumes no responsibility for improper use of the space resulting in injury. Please use sound judgement when using the space and protect your feet, eyes, hands etc. as necessary when you are working on projects.

    You may not use dangerous equipment/tools if:

    • You don’t know how to use them safely.
    • You’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • You are under 18.
    • You are not a full member.
    • You have some medical condition that prevents you from using the equipment/tool safely.

    Always use common sense. If you need help, ask!

    • The last member to leave the space is responsible for ensuring that all doors are locked, including the elevator gates & doors, and the back door. Please ensure lights are shut off, and any unused electronics are powered down.
    • Members should also ensure when they leave that any remaining people in SkullSpace are either members of SkullSpace or authorized guests. Any member may request to see another person’s keyfob to verify they are a current member.
    • For member safety, the second-floor door leading to SkullSpace is always locked, except during public open hours or for scheduled events. A member keyfob is required to gain access outside of these hours.
    • Outside of normal business hours, the front door of the building is locked. Guests are able to ring the doorbell outside of the outer door (look for the “SkSp” label), or call the SkullSpace telephone number to gain access.

    Overnight stays

    • For sanitary reasons, as well as insurance, public perception, and the ability for other members to use the space – please don’t sleep there!
    • On rare occasions where you can’t safely get home, it’s fine to crash there, but don’t make a habit of it (or complain if you get rudely woken up).


    SkullSpace has a library (in the form of a bookshelf) located in the lounge.

    • Anybody is welcome to bring in non-fiction books.
    • If you want to maintain ownership on your own books, please write your name in the front cover.
    • Books may not leave the space without permission from the owner. Books owned by SkullSpace may not leave the space at all.
    • Please keep the bookshelf tidy and put away books when you’re done with them.

    Business operations

    SkullSpace is defined as the establishment and operation of a social club for individuals interested in computer security, technology, electronics, and related topics for the purpose of:

    • providing facilities and equipment for the pleasure and accommodation of members and guests;
    • sharing information and knowledge for the mutual benefit of the members;
    • organizing technical, educational, and social events;
    • promoting awareness of privacy and digital rights issues affecting members and civil society;

    …and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

    Financial information

    For privacy reasons, the full details of SkullSpace’s financial standings are only available to SkullSpace members on request and are not for public consumption.

    Questions about our bylaws and policies?

    Read our FAQ